5 Myths about Tarot Reading

As a intuitive reader myself I've come across the occasional myths and false information out there about tarot reading and more then few of them gave me quite the chuckle. This post is meant to give you truth while expanding your understanding of tarot.

Myth 1. All psychics and tarot readers are second and third generation psychics, you either have it or you don't. Luckily for those of you wanting to learn its time to buy that tarot deck thats been in your amazon cart all 2020. Tarot can be learned and developing your intuiton and psychic abilities comes with time and growth. Like all things in life divine timing plays a major part. Your spiritual gifts will be revealed to you when and how they are meant to. Some are born extremely psychic and intuitive with no need for practice but this isn't the case for everyone. Like all skills and gifts practice is the key.

Myth 2. All psychics practice black magic. As a lover of all things witchy, I will be the first to say you can not place a stereotype over an entire group of people because of their occupation. This theory plays into religious beliefs tied into tarot and what it's about which is absolutely false information. Every psychic and tarot reader has their own beliefs and practices like every other profession. No matter what you do as career or a hobby its all about intention if you are filled with love, operate with love and place that in the center of your work there is nothing dark or black about that. I can't speak for anyone else but I want the best in life and have come far in my spiritual journey doing major shadow work, breaking generational curses and just accepting how bad ass I am as a spiritual being in this world that refuses to get knocked down and stay there. With that same passion I have for myself to win I want everyone else to as well. This is why I offer the services I offer to customers. Services that can meet you with wherever you may be in life. Services that assist in self care spiritually and physically.

Myth 3. Reading Tarot is....BAD so I honestly feel like and yes I said "feel" because these are my opinions and I stand behind them. Anyone who walks around saying tarot is bad either is speaking from ignorance or had a bad experience. I started out reading tarot for myself when confused or just wanted guidance from the divine. Tarot is a divination tool, helps with self reflection, offers some sad truths when are heads are far up our you know what and provides clarity when things in life get cloudy. Tarot holds no punches, no cards come out by mistake and whether you are ready to accept what you are being told or not if you are ready you can grow from these readings. Readings can be very empowering lighting the way for the lost, reassuring the insecure and providing confirmation for those in doubt. I read for others professionally but I also read for myself. Tarot has been such an positive skill to learn. Tarot reading has strengthened my intuition and my connection to spirit, confirms time and time again that the universe has my back and I have nothing to fear or worry about and keeps me in check when I get out of line on my spiritual journey.

Myth 4. Tarot invites in negative energy -Like all divination tools I'm a strong believer in protecting yourself spiritually before diving into spiritual practices. If your an empath practicing this protection ritual daily is important until you are aware of your presence and no longer need to do it everyday.I have gone to an occasional psychic that I didn't know trusting I would know if something was off, but I do not recommend that. If concerned about negative energy it is good to speak with them get a feel for there energy maybe even check out their work or website if you can. If you still go to that hair salon where they gossip from 9a. to 5p while you wait for 7 hours to get your hair done hunny a psychic is the least of your worries you have fully consumed all one can take of negative energy for the day LOL. My point is if we are still surrounding ourselves with energy like the salon please don't let negative energy concern be your reason to not see a psychic if you are truly interested in going. If not, that is ok as well but banish that belief then because negative energy is all around us.

Myth 5. Psychics & Tarot readers know it all or should know it all - I understand we are expected to know what we are doing when guiding someone else in life and I fully agree. However, we are getting our information from the divine and sometimes the dead readings can be tricky, draining and sometimes confusing when taking on different energies. No matter how good we are NONE of us know it all. Only god knows all and that is important to know before getting a reading.For those of you who worry about what information the reader gets. We can not trick the divine they reveal to us what you should know. If we are given a time frame, a name, a place this information was meant for you to hear and know. If you are wanting certain information sometimes the psychic or reader may not have an answer for that because maybe you aren't suppose to know what you are asking. It doesn't make them a bad reader, for that part maybe your not ready for that information or they may not be the person the universe wants to give you the message.This way of thinking really takes the responsibility off the reader because I am telling you the reader does not know everything. Even high priestess do not know it all it's important to know we are human as well and our job is to guide you with truth and let you know what we are picking up. It's truly empowering for the person receiving guidance because you have been given information and now you have the power to decide what you will do with the information that was given. Being open minded with no expectation will make the reading a more enjoyable experience.

So now that we have gone over my 5 myths for tarot reading I hope this has opened the doors to to something new for you whether it be curiosity or just being more open minded about tarot readings. For those of you curious I have provided a link to schedule don't allow fear to hold you back. Schedule with me today:

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